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Hello there love!

hello darling! 


I have made a mistake, in attempting to get some homework done for one of my sociology courses I have ended up on here. It has been sometime, and I have just spent 2 hours of my life looking through my old blog, reminiscing, being inspired and reflecting. I am not the same person, I don’t define my happiness anymore on someone else making me happy, I don’t see things in the same fashion. My questions have found answers and opened up more questions. I am happy with me. My beauty isn’t about fitting into our world, but finding peace in the chaos. This blog has been part of that, and I am forever grateful for what I have learnt, and for those who have shared this with me. 

new apartment, new lover, new friends.  i just need to find the time to update this. 


oh FUCK.. did someone post your pics on tumblrafterhours(.)com


i am sick looking at his face, and seeing all the other girls. i should delete him but i can’t. 

All I ever ask. 

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